In silico trials for respiratory drug delivery

Actionable intelligence to de-risk, accelerate, and optimize device and trial design through digital twins.

Are you developing an inhaled drug?

Do you face the challenge of a virtually unlimited number of inhalation devices and parameters?

The performance of your device in combination with your drug plays a crucial role in the success of clinical trials. Relying solely on in-vitro aerosol laboratory experiments to predict this success carries substantial risks.

Different deposition patterns resulting from different nebulizers simulated with our high-fidelity in silico model

Are you uncertain about which inhalation device and dosage will optimize the success of your clinical trial?

Leverage digital evidence from the world's best in silico model for pulmonary drug delivery

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In silico trials

Harness the advantage of in silico evidence

We harness novel physics-based simulation and AI techniques to create patients-specific digital twins of the lungs. Using this technology, we can create digital cohorts tailored to specific use cases. By evaluating inhalation simulations on a cohort of digital twins, we can narrow down the virtually unlimited number of combinations of devices, device settings, drug concentration and other therapy parameters to very few, very good choices, providing you with digital evidence to make the best informed decisions. Through our in silico trials you can get a precise answer to your question: Does the inhaled drug end up in the intended place when inhaled? This means it allows for the manipulation and optimization of the locally delivered dose of a drug while considering in principle each and every conceivable design and process uncertainty during inhalation – prior to entering the clinical phase.

Conducting an in silico trial is simple


Schedule a 1h meeting where we identify your requirements. We will then design the in silico trial and select a suitable digital cohort.


After you receive and reviewed our proposal for your customized in silico trial, we will run the in silico trial and analyze the results.


Receive your results within 2 weeks providing you with quantitative and actionable insights.

Patient-specific lung geometries forming the basis of our digital twins. Find out more about how we generate in silico evidence using digital twins here.

“We chose Ebenbuild because of their strong scientific expertise, very innovative technology and highly motivated team”

Gabriele Matschiner, Senior Director Translational Respiratory, Pieris Pharmaceuticals

"Working with Ebenbuild allows us to simulate drug deposition in diseased human lungs without performing extensive clinical studies."

Vanessa Neiens, Biology Lead, Pieris Pharmaceuticals

Benefits of our solution

Get your product to market in record time by harnessing the power of next generation in silico technology

Make crucial design or supplier decsions with confidence and peace of mind.

Our collaboration is key to unlocking the potential of the digital age in drug development, enhancing the health and well-being of millions of people. They count on us.

Not exactly what you're looking for? Our digital twins can do a lot more.

Some customer projects we can talk about

Steady or not? Using realistic transient aerosol parameters to predict lung deposition.

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In silico evidence supporting the preclinical evaluation of inhaled connective tissue growth factor for the treatment of IPF. Further details available soon.