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Ebenbuild is home to exceptional experts with international track records in biomedical engineering, biomechanics, high-performance computing, AI/ML, and software development. We transform healthcare and life sciences through scientifically sound digital twin technology.

Dr. Kei Müller
CEO & Co-Founder
Dr. Jonas Biehler
CTO & Co-Founder
Dr. Karl-Robert Wichmann
Chief Architect, VP Engineering & Co-Founder
Prof. Wolfgang Wall
Chief Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder
Nina Pischke, M.Sc.
Product Lead
Marie Brei, M.Sc.
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Dr. Maximilian Grill
Head of In Silico Trials
Joshua Bügel, M.Sc.
Software Engineer
Jakob Richter, M.Sc.
Software & Project Engineer
Max-Carl Wachter, M.Sc.
Machine Learning Engineer
Giorgia Caradonna, M.Sc.
Software Engineer
Dr. Nicolas Schwenck
Business Development Manager
Dr. Maximilian Rixner
Sr. Machine Learning Engineer